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sowwie i havnt poosted ne thing lately, lets just say i have been so yes hi everyone
read news paper 09-02-05 23:35
i was just read the details in new paper its amazing how it compares with the news they boardcast its different...... by the way new orlans was effected by the dike not holding up and the flooding and there below sea level that what got them the most not the hurrican, it only did substantial amount of the damage, but not the breaking down that happening down there
sry wrong info 09-02-05 23:20
killed over a thousand anybody have any theory on the semi anarchy that is happening in new orlans......... comments on that
hey you know who sux 09-01-05 17:22
diana and also a loser
katrina 09-01-05 17:13
hey could anybody tell me why do people freakin name natural diseaster? like miss. KATRINA who sink a city kill over 100 and shadder a bridge.
Hello, 09-01-05 17:09
My name is citizenoflife. I'm new to elowel.